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About Us

Our job is to help you prepare for a major and career you’ll love. And we really love doing our job.

The Major & Career Exploration Center (MCEC) in Career Services helps guide students in discovering their major & career path.

The MCEC provides career assessments, major & career exploration meetings and career planning help. Career assessments are available to you as a walk in service. You will be able to examine your interests, values, skills, and personality characteristics by participating in self-assessment exercises and testing. A major & career professional is also available and happy to talk to you about your assessment results, major and career options as well as your plan to obtaining the future you desire. The MCEC will help you gather information about career options and evaluate the pros and cons of different occupations as they may relate to your personal choices and major goals. You will learn the significance of school involvement, part-time and summer jobs, internships, volunteer work, professional organizations, resume writing, and networking as early strategies in your career decision making process. Finally, we hope to help you understand that career development is a lifetime process that can be both exciting and fulfilling!!

Major & Career Exploration Center
Career Services, Agnes Edwards Hall Room 104