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How do I get an activation code for CHOICES360?

To find registration information for a career assessment, log into your Handshake account. Once on the Handshake homepage, click on "Career Center" in the navigation bar. Then, click "Resources" and find CAREER ASSESSMENT RESOURCES.

Go to the CHOICES360 website now.

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What is CHOICES360?

Choices360 is an online tool to assess and examine your interests, work values, and beliefs about your work skills.

Why should I take CHOICES360?

Choices360 provides a wealth of information about careers and related majors and gives you the ability to search for information on majors and careers. With Choices360, you can compare your assessment results with the career information provided in the program and even save this information to your own online portfolio.

What types of assessments will I take?

You will take assessments based on your interests, values and skills. You can then use the Cluster Finder, Workplace Skills Checklist and Transferable Skills Checklist to see what matches you best.

Will I have someone to help me navigate CHOICES360?

Yes, a MCEC member will help assist you with questions or concerns you may have with navigation when you create a profile in the Career Lab in 104 Agnes Edwards Hall.

What do I do with the results? is

You are encouraged to schedule a follow up meeting with a Major & Career Exploration Center staff member by calling 337-482-1444 or emailing to go over what you learned from your results, clarify your major goals and start developing an individualized career plan.