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How to Explore Majors

When choosing a college major, there are multiple aspects to consider: What captures your interests, showcases your abilities, matches your values and highlights your personality?  Information gathering and self relection will help you in finding what you need to know to make an informed major decision that will bring you confidence in your choices and future.  Use the links below to help in your process of information gathering and self reflection:

  • Career Assessments-Evaluate how your strengths, skills, interests, values & personality traits correlate with majors and career opportunites as well as gain more knowledge in areas that interest you.
  • Majors & Degrees-Learn what options you have at UL Lafayette and what coursework is required. Also take advantage of DegreeWorks through your ULink account.
  • Colleges & Departments-Discover faculty & staff who teach or are affiliated with your areas of intererst. Get to know student and academic organizations associated with colleges & departments.
  • What can I do with this Major?-Explore different interest areas as you learn common work areas, types of employers who hire graduates with a particular major, and learn strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.
  • Majors by Holland Type-Uncover how dominate personality traits correlate to different major areas.
  • Online Resources-Visit our online resources page to find information on national trends, recommendations, job outlook, etc.
  • Major & Career Exploration Appointments-Have questions? Schedule an appointment with one of our staff members today.