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Career Decision Making

Assess Self.
  • Who are you? What do you like to do? Check out the Career Assessments in the Major & Career Exploration Center to find out more about what majors and occupations might interest you. These Career Tests will not tell you what you should do or be but rather provide options you may not have known or thought about before.
Explore your options.
  • What world do you want to work in? What career have you explored that best meets these needs? At this point, it is most beneficial to research multiple, different occupations to find the best fit.
Evaluate fit.
  • Think about what you have learned about yourself and possible career options. The more you know about yourself and your options, the better informed your decision will be. At this point, experimentation and taking your research to a higher level will be important as you actively “try on” a potential occupation.  Talk to professionals in the field, visit with professors in the subject areas you are interested in, and talk to people you know about job shadowing.
Take Action.
  • Update your resume and be ready to jump into the job search. Use campus resources and Career Services to help you with cover letters, resume writing, job search strategies, interviewing skills and more.