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Third Year


Begin narrowing down career/work options and focus on the few you are seriously considering. Start by:

  • Becoming immersed in your academic major, i.e. get to know your professors & classmates/future colleagues; seek out research opportunities, know your degree requirements for timely graduation, etc.
  • Fine tune your career and educational goals by reevaluating your interests, skills, strengths and values at this point in your academic career
  • Start developing a network and learning about potential employers in fields of interest
  • Revise your resume; begin to create C.V. if you are considering graduate school
  • Find ways to gain meaningful experiences and take on leadership roles
  • Investigate possible post-graduate education or professional schools to understand expected outcomes, admissions requirements, timelines and procedures
  • Visit Career Services to find out more about internships and our job search tools
  • Attend the Career Fair to network with employers