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Second Year


  • Confirm your choice of major
  • Start taking required classes in your major

Recommended Next Steps

  • Revisit your career assessment  results and findings with new eyes, and don’t be afraid to retake the assessment
  • Gather information about careers of interest
  • Start thinking about if an advanced degree is in your future
  • If professional school (ex. Medical School, Law School, etc.) is in your future, start gaining relevant experience and learning about the application process and timeline
  • Start networking with faculty in order to get future recommendation letters for graduate or professional school
  • Gain work experience that builds transferable skills, such as leadership, coordinating, or communication skills
  • Create a resume or update an existing one
  • Join student organizations related to your major and professional associations related to your intended career field


  • Talk to your advisor about  your academic progress and evaluate if your academic performance is in line with the major you have chosen
  • Actively explore career options with informational interviews or shadowing
  • Follow up with a Major & Career professional to discuss your career plan progress
  • Attend the Majors Fair in the Spring to network with faculty and discuss career possibilities with your chosen major